Original Steel Forever Family Trees

A Family Tree for yourself or a gift for a loved one, these Forever Family Trees offer the opportunity to share and connect with your ancestors, descendants and more. Each tree holds photos, names, dates and information of each relative. They are added as you search, find and discover your genealogy, no need to have all your genealogy already done, just add one at a time! Or, as a new child or grandchild is born into the family, place their face among the roots of your tree. What a great conversation piece in your home.  As you walk past the Forever Family Tree and see those faces looking back at you, stop and tell a story about that person.  Teach those around you, if they could do hard things, so can we! Help family to feel connected by seeing their faces on the tree and feeling that they are part of something great…Your FAMILY!! 

3 foot tree which is approximately 36 inches wide x 38 inches tall.

4 foot tree which is approximately 45 inches wide x 48 inches tall.

After having the steel cut with a water jet, each tree is hand stained and patinated (steel patina) and takes about two – three weeks (depending on weather) to create. If trees are not in stock, it could take up to 4 months to receive your tree. (email with any questions)

These trees hold 10-generations of ancestors, plus descendants. Each tree comes with a starter set of 32 high quality antique brass tag sets. 32 square, 32 circle, and 32 magnetic hooks. Additional tags are sold separately and only after you have purchased a Forever Family Tree. In addition, you will receive a kit with all stickers needed to complete the tree with instructions.

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We are located out of Eagle, Idaho where you may pick up your product.

We also make deliveries to Bountiful, Utah periodically, but not regularly. 

All shipping will be thru UPS. They charge a packaging fee + guaranteed shipping fee for your Forever Family Tree.

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