Recipes from the Past

Who doesn't love good food? Those recipes usually come from someone in the past, passing them down to daughter or son, and from friend to friend, and so on. Some of those recipes are from our ancestors across the ocean. Some are from the neighbor next door and have now become part of your own family traditions. Here at "All Things Family History" our Forever Family Trees Blog, we are going to learn about food and culture, discover recipes from times of old, and uncover new recipes that could become a new family tradition!

Recipes from the Past: Slovenian scrambled palačinke!

How is it, when two sisters marry two brothers, and raise each of their families with the SAME Slovenian recipe, that each family calls it by different names? palačinke and maletta! Could maletta be scrambled palačinke or smorn? Lillian and Violet, my grandmother, are two middle sisters, who grew up in a Slovenian home, in…

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Oatmeal from scratch!

Is there such a thing as oatmeal from scratch? Honestly, growing up I just thought oatmeal grew in the perfectly shaped flakes that showed up in a box of Quaker Old-Fashioned Oatmeal. However, Quaker Mill company wasn’t created until 1877 and the process for rolling oats wasn’t developed until the 1900s. So…the oatmeal your and…

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Recipes from the past:  Palačinke

Recipes from the past:  Palačinke Aren’t the best foods the ones your mom or grandma made while you grew up?  They were made with natural ingredients.  The kind you tended to always have on hand. Several summers ago, my husband, for our 25th anniversary took me back to the land of my ancestors.  Slovenia!!  Guess…

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