Genealogy Research

Trying to find your family? Sometimes is just nice to be able to learn from someone who's been there and done that! Hearing other's stories on how they cracked the case to finding their long lost ancestor can inspire and teach us ways to find our missing relative too! Here at "All Things Family History" our Forever Family Trees blog, I hope together we can find helpful hints on how to make researching family a joy, hear inspiring stories to motivate us, and discover the best part of who we are!

Reading Gothic Lettering!

Three ways to help read gothic lettering. As genealogists or family history hobbyists, let’s just face it, gothic lettering can be confusing! And when the person writing the information in gothic lettering begins to use shorthand or get sloppy, it’s nearly impossible to figure the words out. I’m currently researching in those early 1800’s Archdiocese…

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Screenshot! For Genealogy Research

Screenshot! For genealogy research, what is the best way to screen shot records on the computer for future printing, deciphering or study, and for zooming in?  Well, fortunately, after screen shooting a dozen records, I discovered, there’s a good way and a poor-quality way to do it.  Let me explain . . . How many…

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Genealogy research in Slovenia 2020

In the past, the ONLY way to do genealogical researching in Slovenia and find your family, was to go there and visit the TWO archdioceses. One in Ljubljana, the capital, on the west side of the country and one in Maribor on the east side of the country. My husband has been so generous and…

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Genealogy Research in American Catholic Diocese

Genealogy Research in American Catholic Diocese   A Case Study 1st – most immigrants were religious.  So why wouldn’t they remain faithful even when they’ve left their homeland?  Or at least marry in the church of their homeland?  Or bless a baby there? It’s most likely they did.  I never really considered my great grandparents a…

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