Creating Our Trees

Each tree is one-of-a-kind, like hanging art on your wall.  Yet, you get to personalize the 10 generational tree with your family names and photos!  The trees are made out of heavy steel and cut with a powerful water jet.  From there, each tree takes one week to hand stain, cure, and patina to create the beautiful unique look you see.  These trees are the ultimate conversation piece, the perfect way to get your family thinking about their ancestors, and a fabulous way to motivate you to do your genealogy!

Also, check out our Vinyl Forever Family Trees!  Still beautiful, two variations available, a 10 generation and a 5+ generation tree, still comes with the unique photos and information tags about your ancestors!  (See Purchase our Trees in the menu bar)

The Steel is cut by a powerful waterjet. The details are clean and the edges smooth.

Each piece of steel reacts differently to the chemical, creating unique colors and textures.

Each tree goes thru three different treatments before it is finished.

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