Don’t Eat Uncle Pete!

This is a twist on a fun family classic game “Don’t Eat Pete”!

Here is how you play:

Gather your family around the game board.  Place a piece of candy on each face.  Have one person leave the room. Another person picks a face to be “Pete”. The player then comes back into the room.  They begin picking up candy one at a time. If they pick up “Pete”, then everyone else yells, “Don’t eat Pete!” and that person’s turn is over. Fill the empty faces with candy and another player leaves the room.  Go around until everyone has had a turn.  Keep playing as many rounds as you wish. Have fun!

This game has been around for years.  For those who love sweets like me we use skittles at our home.  For when my grandkids come over and they have parents with a no candy policy we use cheerios or raisins! Either way it is a fun game and the kids love to play over and over again!

For the Family History Twist:

For those of us Family History lovers, here’s the twist!  Instead of placing different colored faces on the board, use family faces! Immediate, extended, descendancy or ancestors! No matter who you place on the board, make sure you “Don’t Eat Uncle Pete!” or “Great-Great Grandma Jones!” It’s a great way to get to know the faces of your family! What’s hard is picking only 9 to make up your game board.

2 downloads are available:

Don’t Eat Uncle Pete!

Print on White or Colored Card-stock

Place your own Family History Photos in this Printable File

Blank – “Don’t eat Uncle Pete!” Place your own family photos in this game.

I did this 3 ways:

1st – I Printed 9 photos on white card-stock. They were in a square shape. A little larger than 2.5 inches. Or you can have them printed at a local photo printing place.  I then used a circle cutter and cut them 2.5 inches in diameter, and taped them to the printable.

2nd – I used Adobe Photoshop and took the jpeg you can download from me and placed family photos over the 9 square areas (they don’t have to be circles) and printed on a piece of card-stock.

3rd – I had some 2.5 inch “Avery circle labels.” I pulled up the template in word, dragged and dropped my photos into the template, and printed on my labels.  I then printed the blank downloadable file (above) on card-stock and stuck the “sticker/circle labels/photos onto the printed card-stock and laminated it. This was my favorite look.

Original Don’t Eat Pete!

All ready to go…just print on white card-stock!

Original family fun game printable. Have fun and make some memories!

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