Family History with Harry Potter book 6

fft family history with potter book 6

Our second to last Harry Potter book, the Half-blood Prince, is the saddest. In the end, Dumbledore dies. 😢But this is the reason we do family history and connect ourselves to our loved ones. So as family history lovers, what’s our next step? To make sure we’ve got all our family placed in our genealogy tree! Names, dates, and especially memories.

Harry Potter dinner menu for book 6, The Half-Blood Prince and Family History activity:

Maybe tonight after a delicious Harry Potter meal, of Chiddingly Hotpot, Irish Soda bread and the most delicious apple tart, teach your kids to source a family name or have them do some Indexing! Don’t under-estimate the youth. They are smarter than we think!

I had forgotten that in the last book, Order of the Phoenix, is also where Snape is trying to help Harry protect his memories! Something all us genealogists find important for future generations. But this can be applied to this book also. Maybe have everyone video-record a favorite memory of someone who’s passed away. It’s an important part of documenting a person’s life. Or with Mother’s Day coming up and the sweet experience Harry had when Prof. Slughorns shared a memory about Lilly Potter in this book, record a special memory of your mom for future generations to experience!

Or a last idea, maybe have the family write down or video-record from your phone a favorite memory of spending time together during coronavirus quarantine!

Whatever your family chooses to do, have fun making memories together! By small and simple will we make family history fun!

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