Forever Family Trees 5+ generations Brown on Off-White


Forever Family Trees 5+ Generations. It’s filled with 5 generations of ancestors, plus all the children and grandchildren and great grandchildren you can handle 🙂  Photos, names, dates, locations all in one place.  Beautifully displayed so your family can connect to those who came before us! (Off-White background/ Brown tree) Trees do NOT come framed.

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Forever Family Trees has their newest creation! Five plus generations of family! A smaller version of the 10 generation original Forever Family Trees. It still includes ancestors up to 5 generations, plus a 6th+ generation of children, grand-children, etc. You can still place all their photos, names, dates and information on this tree. It’s the perfect gift! For grandma or an anniversary. For Father’s day or a birthday. Even for displaying at family reunions! The tree is 16 x 20 inches in size.  They do not come framed.  But you can choose from 4 background colors (Off-White, Almond, Butter and Steel). Two tree colors (Black and Brown), and they come with 62 simple tags for ancestors and all printing material for the tag sets so you can print at home. Children and descendants are sold separately for .75 each (hook/circle-tag). Most of us have at least 4 to 5 generation of genealogy work already done on many of our branches.  Many of us can find photos of those ancestors posted on Family Tree sites or in a shoe box in the closet! It’s the kind of genealogy project that can get completed without too much research. This is a simple way to help our families get connected to who they are and where they came from thru this beautiful family tree!



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