Our New Forever Family Tree 5+ Genealogy Tree 16×20

5+ generational Family Tree

Here at Forever Family Trees we are so excited to introduce our newest Family Tree! This 16×20 size tree holds 5 generations plus children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, etc. This tree holds photos and information just like our other trees, but on circle tags only.  On the front of the tag is a photo if you have one; photos go back to the 1850’s so many of your circles will have those awesome pictures of your ancestors.  On the back will display the information.  Information includes; names, birth date and location, and death date and location.  This tree is great for parent and grandparent gifts, family reunion gifts, and especially just for you to display your genealogy in a beautiful way at home.

Each tree comes with 62 circle tags and magnets, stickers and templates to fill your tree with 5 generations of family!  Add additional tags for children, grandchildren, etc.  The 16×20 is a common frame size.  So go to a local craft store or frame shop and purchase a frame in your style and individual taste, to create the look you want displayed in your home!

Instructions and templates are given with each tree purchased.  Or we can work on it together; send me your GedCom file and I’ll convert the information into the correct format and send them back, ready for you to verify and print.  Follow the instructions given for photos so you can drag and drop those family faces into the template provided.  Then print those photos onto the stickers provided and place them on the beautiful tags with magnets and on the trees!

What a treasure this will be! Your Forever Family Tree will become a conversation piece, a place to tell stories as people ask about this ancestor or that decedent, and a family heirloom to pass down for generations to come!

3 styles and 2 colors to choose from!

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FFT 5+ generational family tree

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