Forever Family Trees Vinyl on Steel

Forever Family Trees Vinyl on Steel – large

This large Forever Family Trees Vinyl on Steel is a bit more affordable! This style of tree still holds 10 generations of ancestors and many descendants.  This tree comes in black or brown vinyl, with either a steel galvanized background or a choice of two painted background colors (off-white or butter).  And finally, the Forever Family Trees still comes with a starter set of our beautiful circle and square high quality tags.

(These vinyl on steel trees no longer come framed. Now you can have made the perfect frame to match the style and colors of your own home!)

Forever Family Trees vinyl on steel large
Forever Family Tree two-tone brown and green Vinyl, and walnut stained wood frame

Last one available with two-tone vinyl color and stained frame.

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We know that finding your ancestors is like a puzzle.  But isn’t it SO satisfying to find a piece that fits perfectly into place and helps to complete that big beautiful picture of who you are and where you came from!  These Forever Family Trees help you to display your hard work and your family in a unique and artful way!

Forever Family Trees vinyl on steel brown vinyl on butter yellow painted steel
Brown Vinyl on Butter yellow painted steel with rough barn-wood brown

Each vinyl tree is 36×36 inches of steel without the frame.

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Forever Family Tree Vinyl on steel tags
These are the original high quality magnetic tags that are on all our 10 generation Forever Family Trees.

Each Forever Family Tree Vinyl on Steel comes with a starter set of our high quality and beautifully crafted tags. Each starter set includes 32 magnetic hooks, circle and square tags, along with all the sticker labels and instructions to get started displaying your family! (Additional tags are for sale to those who own Forever Family Trees)

From ancestors to descendants, these Forever Family Trees can hold your genealogy.  Past, present and future! These vinyl on steel Forever Family Trees are the result of customers wanting the Original Steel Forever Family Tree at an affordable price. It took years to decide on the best materials and to create a look and a style that was both functional and artistic.  These wall-hanging trees hold 10 generations of family from descendants to ancestors with their name, birthday, place of birth, death date and place of death.  Along with this important information you can also add a photo of your ancestor if you have one.

These Forever Family Trees also have a place where you can add as many descendants as you want with their photos and their information too! It’s the ultimate home décor conversation piece!

As you work to find your family and share that love with those around you, I hope you find joy in All Things Family History!

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