“All Things Family History” – What’s our blog about?

Family History isn’t always about looking up the deceased! It can also be about the here and the now! Preserving our own… his-“STORY” is important too. In our blog, “ALL THINGS FAMILY HISTORY”, it can be as simple and fun as discovering DIY projects for your home or as detailed as researching in the Catholic Diocese!

This blog is perfect for both the parent with only a little time as well as the die-hard who has caught the genealogy bug – we have it all here for you!

I want those who read these posts to remember that, “Some is better than none!”  No matter where we are in life, even doing just a small amount of research or taking a family photo and documenting its story can be good enough. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass! Let us be guilt free and enjoy what we CAN take a moment to do.

I hope you enjoy “ALL THINGS FAMILY HISTORY” as we grow and find joy in the past, present and future of family!


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