Christmas Card Display

I love Christmas cards! I love seeing what friends and family are doing, I love seeing how they are growing and changing, and I especially love in some cards reading their testimonies of Christ.

fft Christmas card display 1

In years past I had a special box that would sit out on the counter during the month of December and collect those cards. But I’ve always wanted a way to display those cards so I could enjoy seeing their smiling faces through the entire month, not just when I sat down to read or reread the cards sent to our family.

fft Christmas card display

I’ve looked and looked but nothing really spoke to me that could hold all my cards each year. So this year, I decided to create a my own design for a Christmas card display. I’m sure there are variations of it out there, but I couldn’t find any to purchase or met my qualifications. It’s strong and could hold the heaviest cards to the lightest photographs without making marks in the cards and it was inexpensive! Win! Win! As I researched, in the end I purchased black shower curtain rings. They came in a package of 100 and cost under 20$ on Amazon. See link below:

They come in many colors; black, gold, silver, and white. Then I had a roll of jute in my closet. Another item that costs only a few dollars. But maybe you have ribbon or rope. Be creative! And wala!!

I tied each ring to the jute. It was a little awkward at first pulling the long string of jute thru the rings, but got easier as the string got smaller with all the knots. I tied the rings approximately 2 inches apart. I made slip knots at each end of the jute and hung it up.

Even my husband said he loved seeing the cards and was caught looking at them more than he had in the past.

It wasn’t messy, it added to the decorations and was fun to browse through when walking past.

fft Christmas card display 6

So even though Christmas is over, my husband commented that he really like this DIY idea and I should post about it so others could do it next year. Remember by small and simple, we can accomplish great things.  Have a great New Year!

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