Family History with Harry Potter book 7

fft family history with potter bk 7

Our final make-a-memory with Harry Potter dinners and family history activities.

I have to say that my favorite part has been having my kids cook, help decorate, and participate in the activities, making this a memorable family event.

Decorating for dinner with Harry Potter:

When my friend did book 7, she had access to her Christmas reindeer with lights.  It was the perfect Patronus for Harry to find the Sword of Gryffindor. It looked awesome outside her dining room window!

Harry Potter dinner menu for book 7, The Deathly Hallows:

Well tonight we ate a sweet AND a savory dessert from the Wesley wedding, with Kretchers French onion soup that was wonderful!

Family History Activities:

I had several ideas in which Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows helps us remember to have fun doing our family history. First, Harry went back to his roots in Godric’s Hollow. So! Let’s go back to our roots! Where did you come from? What hometown did your parents or grandparents grow up in and what countries did your ancestors come from? Maybe have one of those PowerPoint parties! Have each kid take a town or country an ancestor came from and make up a PowerPoint presentation with funny and interesting facts about these places. Then draw names and have someone else give your PowerPoint presentation about where your family came from! 2nd, on my list of fun ideas would remind us of when Hermione takes Ron and Harry to a place she used to go camping with her parents. Maybe show pictures from past camping trips, or of the places your family likes to go to. Take a walk down memory lane. 😊 Or as a conclusion to this Harry Potter event, take your kids camping in the backyard for your final activity!

For my last idea. On Harry Potter’s Snitch it is inscribed, “I open at the end”. What happens? Harry is surrounded by loved ones. Keeping our loved ones close by is why we do our family history. I already love those who have passed from this life into the next. Show photos of and tell a story to your family about how you discovered an ancestor and then tell what you know about that person. Help your family catch the genealogy bug!!

fft family history with potter bk 7

It has been a fun adventure during this quarantine time in my family’s life. I loved tying in the Family History connection we see so much in the Harry Potter books. I loved watching my kids in the kitchen cooking with me and making memories, not just eating Harry’s food from the books, but watching movies, doing Family History activities and Harry Potter activities, and decorating our home! Good luck to you all in making memories during this unique time we are living in!

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