Family History with Harry Potter Book 3

forever family trees Harry potter bk 3

Harry Potter is filled with family history!! Being part of a family was important to Harry. He loved to hear stories about his parents from those who were his parents friends and cared about him.

Decorating for Harry Potter Book 3 Prisoner of Azkaban:

We all took the test to find our Patronus since this was a huge part of the book. I decorated by printing our animals and placing them on jars with lights behind them. Had I had velum, I would have printed on that so the lights behind the Patronus’ looked cooler. But since we are corona-quarantined I’m using what I have at home. We also pulled out our old homemade wands, made out of cardstock with drip-like dried glue and then hand painted. (Might be a fun activity to do during the day). We also have wands made out of wooden sticks my kids made years ago. I would have also liked black material, or a black plastic tablecloth to make a dementor, but we’ll have to do without this time 🙂 Afterwards, I thought, I should have taken black and white photos of my kids in striped t-shirts and hung them with a wanted sign underneath, like Sirius Black!

Print out this Harry Potter Wand test (See Below). I kept it simple. Fold the right-side of the test to the back of the paper, so they can’t see the answers. And talk about and take the test during or after dinner.

Tonight, for dinner in the book “Prisoner of Azkaban”:

We ate Aunt Petunia’s Mulligatawny soup and a lemon meringue pie. Along with fried tomatoes from Hogwarts. My son had 4 helpings of the soup! (Harry Potter’s Un-official cookbook)

For our Family History activity:

I thought about how Sirius Black was Harry’s godfather and how he wanted to get to know him. Make a Remember Me Bingo game about your ancestors.

Or you could play, “Name that Relative.” Say a word or clue & see who can name the relative first. Make sure you have each of your kids in the list of names. Maybe put the names in a bowl and play like charades and see what team wins. An example, “grandpa carrots”! All my kids would know it was Great Grandpa Robinson! Because my oldest daughter nick-named him that when I warned her about eating too many carrots and turning orange like my grandpa! Haha. Or “Don’t eat Uncle Pete” my family history twist on a classic game.

Have fun making memories and remember that by small and simple are great things brought to pass!


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