DIY Family History Ideas

Sometimes when we hear the words "Genealogy" or "Family History" we get overwhelmed. What we don't realize is there is a time and a season for each of us to do our "Family History" work. For a young woman, it can mean preserving the present. Maybe voice recording "your growing up story" just before you drop into bed each night, or putting together a simple scrapbook of your first year of marriage, or recording your child's first words. For a man in the middle of his life with work, home, family, etc. It could mean spending his lunch hour indexing a batch of documents, therefore, helping to preserve the past. Or driving by his childhood home after work one evening and videoing the home with his phone as he talks about his memories there. Or for others, maybe you're retired, or the kids have left the nest, or they are all in school and you have a few hours of quiet time, it could mean scanning and documenting all the old photos in those shoe boxes, or learning how to take 8mm film and digitize it. Sometimes it's just setting a goal and carving out a little bit of time in your day to research a family line. Whatever you decide to do, I hope here at "All Things Family History" our Forever Family Trees Blog, you will find helpful ideas, tricks, tips and more to preserve the past and present for those in the future!

Jacks – Games our Grandparents Played!

Jump to Basic Rules Jump to Playing the Game Jump to Types of Rounds Jacks was a game our grandparents not only played as teenagers, but went on dates to play!! My grandmother talked about how they’d meet up at friends house’s with dates and play Jacks! Man! Why can’t kids go on dates like…

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Family History with Harry Potter book 1

Family history begins with making memories! As the corona-quarantine continues we want to make the time together fun! A family friend did Harry Potter dinners to coincide with each book/movie. And since Harry Potter has Family History interwoven throughout all the books! We decided to create our own family memories and began with book 1,…

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The Do You Know Scale

To this day I use and share the 20 questions from the Do You Know Scale with many new friends I’ve become acquainted with. I think it is a valuable tool to help anyone with their family. Family is crucial in this tumultuous world we currently live in. Understanding how to help your family become…

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Christmas Card Display

I love Christmas cards! I love seeing what friends and family are doing, I love seeing how they are growing and changing, and I especially love in some cards reading their testimonies of Christ. In years past I had a special box that would sit out on the counter during the month of December and…

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Don’t Eat Uncle Pete!

This is a twist on a fun family classic game “Don’t Eat Pete”! Here is how you play: Gather your family around the game board.  Place a piece of candy on each face.  Have one person leave the room. Another person picks a face to be “Pete”. The player then comes back into the room. …

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Record your Personal History! Easy as 1-2-3

 To Our Children’s Children  (This post contains affiliate links. See our full disclosure here.) There are lots of great ways to tell your personal history. One of the ways I discovered that works best to record your personal history, at least for me, is to use a tape recorder.  Now don’t go thinking “she’s so last century!”–…

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